Jog-Alert #4

St. John School Jog-a-thon presented by Atlas Construction Specialties

Students worked hard last week at the 9th annual St. John School Jog-a-thon!  Parents, students, and volunteers, your enthusiasm and support made this year’s Jog-a-thon another success.  Congratulations on a job well done!  Fundraising ends on October 1, and we’re aiming for 100% participation.  Currently, the total amount raised is over $104,000!  Thank you St. John Community for your generous donations.  Visit our 99Pledges homepage to make your donation or to view the latest class standings.


Jog-a-thon Celebration Day will on Thursday, October 14.  There are several prizes up for grabs:

    • Springfree Trampoline – Back again this year!  For every $200 raised per family, your family name will be added to a raffle to win a Springfree Trampoline.  Increase your odds of winning…your family will earn an additional raffle entry for every $50 donation beyond $200.  Turn in your donations by October 1st.  Drawing will be held on October 14.  Thank you, Springfree Trampoline!
    • Punish the Principals – Back by popular demand, the GRADE that raises the most money by October 1 will get to punish Principal O’Leary and Vice Principal Kelley with water balloons!  3rd grade – you are in the lead, followed by 7th grade and 1st grade!
    • Cash Grabbin’ Gecko – Families with over $300 in donations by October 1 qualify students to participate in the popular Cash Grabbin’ Gecko game on October 14.
    • Free Dress Day – You have earned a FREE DRESS day for exceeding our fundraising goal of $80,000!  Free dress for the school will be on Jog-a-thon Celebration Day, Thursday, October 14.

Thank You Volunteers 

Thank you to the many volunteers who came out to help during Jog-a-thon week.  We could not have done it without you!  Thank you:  Emily Fazio, Justin Dempsey-Chiam, Lynne Houserman, John Houserman, Allan Quiaoit, Ellen McLaughlin, Aleah Valley, Nick Valley, Paige McNerthney, Sarah Gattis, Andrea Roff, Melissa Riddington, Paige Werner, Anne Gerich, Sara Dean, Robin Vega, Ciara Byars, Alan Byars, Josh Coolbaugh, Amy Vithayathil, Maile Sullivan, Kim Angelis, Kara Dacquisto, Andrew Exnicios, Lauren Exnicios, Shannon Clarke, Lauren Schiltz, Alicia Brink, Witney Williams, Sonya Heltshe, Angela Dunleavy, Trisha Quigley, Madeline Pennington, Jennifer Bergman, Celina Glassburn, Sam Glassburn, Jessica Christofferson, Debbie Oximana, Georgina Murphy, Steve Seitz, Lisa Mendenhall, Ali Feary, Kelly Kasper, Rachel Lambert, Kathy Beck.  Our apologies to anyone we might have missed, but we truly appreciate all who volunteered their time.  A special thank you to our 2021 Jog-a-thon Team: Brandi Dagg, Tracy Smith, and Sue Pierce!

Thank You Sponsors