99Pledges Information

Jog-a-thon donations are collected through our personalized webpage at 99Pledges. You and your student are able to reach out to friends and family electronically by email, Facebook and Twitter instead of going door-to-door, tracking commitments and handling checks. Additionally, donors can make a contribution to support your student with a simple and secure online transaction.

Parents will receive an email by September 8th from 99Pledges with a link to your student’s pledge page. Simply share your link and make your flat or per lap donation. If you don’t receive a link, you can search and find your student’s page here.

Next Steps:

Share, share, share! Just share your pledge page with friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter and/or whatever means you feel are effective. Include a personal message (see sample below) to let your supporters know their generous donation is going to support a great cause.

Sample sharing text:

[Name] is participating in his/her school jog-a-thon and would love your support to meet his/her fundraising goal! If you’d like to donate, you can do so online at the following link: <<Personal Pledge Page URL>>

Please feel free to reach out to 99Pledges directly at support@99pledges.com, if you have any questions.